View Your Home from a Buyer’s Perspective with these Top 10 Remodeling Projects

Your home’s curb appeal is often based on the street-view appearance and it is a buyer’s first in-person impression, particularly if they spotted your home on the Internet first. Although photographs can give a buyer an idea of the features the home offers, driving by the property provides an opportunity to see how the pieces work together with the surrounding neighborhood.

Many homebuyers drive by a home or schedule a walk-through after viewing it on the Web. Since many will do ...

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Two Questions We Get a Lot

My door does not open or close far enough. What should I do?
You many need to adjust the “travel settings” on your openers. Your opener will have a “travel” adjustment that controls the distance that the garage door opener moves the door. Separate adjustments can be made to the opening travel distance and the closing travel distance. Refer to your owner’s manual, or contact us for a professional tune-up and adjustment.

My door opens very slowly. How can I adjust ...

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Common Garage Door Myths

Like nearly everything; garage doors have a number of myths and misconceptions associated with them… here are some of our favorites:

The electric garage door opener lifts the weight of the door. Regardless of brand, style or horsepower, residential garage door openers are only designed to lift a maximum of about ten pounds. The Springs are what do the lifting. If the springs are old or broken there is more weight and the plastic drive components in the opener will suffer ...

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Heading out on Vacation?

So, I’m heading out on vacation – tickets, rental car – check. Furnace set low, water heater turned down – check. Lights on timer and dog to kennel – check. etc. etc.

One thing that is rarely on peoples’ checklists for vacation is their garage door. Make it simple and safe.
On your wall remote switch (where you turn lights on/off etc. is a “Lock” button. Take a couple of seconds to lock the garage door and eliminate accidental openings ...

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Garage Door Safety is your Business too!

30,000 people annually are injured by faulty garage door systems!!

Garage doors can weigh over 400 pounds, and can be potentially lethal. Your garage door is essentially a movable wall and when combined with an automatic garage door opener, it is the largest and perhaps the most dangerous moving object in your home. Reports from the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate that over 30,000 people are injured by faulty garage door systems every year. It’s also important to note ...

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Another Way to Go Green

Homeowners now have another way to ‘go green’. Installing energy efficient, insulated garage doors can not only help save the planet, it can help save one’s wallet from becoming too thin.

Homes that include an attached garage can expend large amounts of extra energy heating and cooling their homes. Cold air in the winter (and warm air in the summer) can permeate a home through the garage, increasing the amount of energy needed to adequately heat or cool the home. An ...

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How to Program a Universal Garage Door Opener Remote

The universal garage door opener is a modern miracle that has saved the fortunes of countless families who have lost the remote control that came with their garage door opener. It also comes in handy when you need to get a new garage door opener but prefer to customize the shape of the buttons and, in some cases, their function. Universal garage door openers also come in handy when you have to manage multiple garage doors, like the one at ...

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How do your Garage Door parts compare to typical replacement parts?

It’s a question we’re asked all the time… Let’s start with a simple fact – All garage door parts are NOT created equal. The typical garage door installation and/or repair uses a “Builders Grade” set of parts. Just like “Builders grade” appliances – These are designed to last a few years (if treated lightly and maintained well) and wear out…

Retrak Garage Door parts are designed for a long and trouble free life. We use “Commercial grade” parts and they ...

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Why is my garage door so heavy?

We are all creatures of habit. We get used to the way something feels or acts and then tend to ignore it until, for some reason it feels different.

One of these is your garage door and we often get calls asking “Why is my garage door so heavy?”

Let’s start with the basics – Garage doors are usually the largest moving object in your home, with an average size of 8′ wide and 7′ high for a single door. Regardless of ...

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Replace Old Garage Door Springs

Your garage door springs are easily the most important and most dangerous part of your garage door and springs do wear out and break. When they do break, injuries are not an uncommon result. (Each year 30,000 people end up in the hospital as a result of trying to repair garage door springs by themselves) If you have an older garage door, especially one that seems to be opening with some difficulty…have your springs inspected by a trained and certified ...

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