Simple Steps that will Save Money On Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors and automatic openers are something most people don’t think about until they stop working. Keeping your car or other equipment in the garage helps to prevent theft while keeping your items in a clean and convenient location. However, when your garage door won’t open and you don’t have time to call a repair man to come and look at your garage door, here are a few steps to take when you need to leave and your car is stuck in the garage.


Most garage doors use spring tension (torsion springs) to operate. This means that there are springs attached to the metal frame of the garage door that expand when the door is opening, and compress when the door is closing. These systems are fairly simple to repair when the problem is minor, however if these few steps aren’t effective you will need the assistance of a garage door professional. The first thing to look at when your garage door isn’t working properly is to examine the metal tracks the door slides on. Sometimes, these tracks become loose and need to be tightened in order to work. Look for any areas where the frame may be loose and tighten the bolts where the door is hinged together. If tightening the frame doesn’t solve your problem, then proceed to step two.


Many garage door problems are related to the tracks. When these tracks are loose or off center, they can cause problems opening or closing the door. Once you have checked the tracks for any loose bolts, make sure the tracks are properly aligned. The tracks lining both sides of the wall should begin and end at basically the same spot. If the tracks are not aligned correctly, repair them by tapping the tracks carefully back into their original positions. Most garage doors have several hinges, screws, and bolts that can also become loose- make sure they are all tightened as well.


Garage door openers rely heavily on the tracks and springs for proper use. If no part of the tracks are loose or unaligned then there might be buildup of dirt or grease within the tracks. Sometimes dirt and grease can form deposits on garage doors that cause the rollers to get stuck and prevent the door from opening or closing properly. Using a general household cleaner, clean the rollers thoroughly and then cleanse the tracks, focusing on any areas that look like dirt or grease has built up on. (Note on Grease: Do NOT use WD40! It acts like a dirt magnet and can drip onto your car – ruining the paint job!).


If you were unable to fix your garage door by tightening, cleaning, or aligning the frame, you may need to hire the services of a garage door specialist in your area.

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