A Good Garage Door Needs a Good Opener

Nowadays, most people think of their garage door and opener as a single item. In reality, they are two separate pieces of equipment integrated into a smooth running door system. Most garage door companies not only sell new garage doors but provide openers as well. For example, Retrak Garage Door is one of these companies- providing a complete slate of services to home owners.

Many people are careful when purchasing a garage door but fail to pay attention to the importance of the door opener. Remember, the garage door is now the most used entry door to most homes and must work smoothly and safely.

There are, fundamentally three categories of openers. The first one is the conventional chain drive opener – these are reliable and affordable – the second is reliable and much quieter Belt drive opener. Finally is the screw-drive opener – while more expensive, these require less maintenance. All automatic openers can be equipped with remote control access and locking. Now that you know the basic types of openers that are available you need to finalize the one you wish to buy for your garage door system. What are you looking for: affordability – quiet operations or low maintenance?

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