Batteries are Important When Using Garage Remotes

We get many calls about problems with a garage door remote control. Often the problem is a simple one… an old or weak battery. Yes, batteries are important when it comes to garage door remotes.  Here’s a check list for solving many problems:

Replace the battery first!

  • Old batteries cause a large percentage of the problems experienced with garage door remotes. Many remotes use standard 9-volt batteries or round watch-style batteries that can often be found around the house or at the local drug store/camera department.
  • Even if the remote is relatively new, it is still important to try replacing the battery. Some remotes sit on warehouse shelves for a long time.
  • To access the battery on some remotes, you may have to split the case in half. This is typically the case if you notice a small round indentation on the edges of the remote. The attached visor clip can usually be removed and works great for this. If the clip is not available, or the remote is not a visor-style remote, a dime or a penny usually works fine. Place the end of the visor clip or the coin into the indentation and twist. The case should snap apart. Other remotes have a small sliding door to access the battery, similar to a TV remote control.

Reprogram the Remote

If replacing the battery does not solve the problem consider reprogramming it.

  • If the remote has a row of small switches inside, make sure the position of the switches match the position of the switches on the back of the garage door opener.
  • If the remote is programmable, follow the programming steps found in the owner’s manual for the garage door opener.
  • If you cannot locate your owner’s manual, check the manufacturer’s website. Most garage door openers manufactured in the last five to 10 years have manuals that can be found online.

Replace the Remote Control

  • If the above steps did not resolve your problem, you may need a new remote control.

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