Common Garage Door Myths

Like nearly everything; garage doors have a number of myths and misconceptions associated with them… here are some of our favorites:

The electric garage door opener lifts the weight of the door. Regardless of brand, style or horsepower, residential garage door openers are only designed to lift a maximum of about ten pounds. The Springs are what do the lifting. If the springs are old or broken there is more weight and the plastic drive components in the opener will suffer extreme wear.

All garage doors are the same. Like other products, garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and quality that determine their life expectancy and performance.

Garage doors never require maintenance. As the largest moving object in your home, garage doors are under an immense strain. Routine maintenance is essential for maximum performance.

All repair and replacement parts are the same. The vast majority (upwards of 95%) of commonly used replacement parts are designed for the industry minimum life-cycle rating. Longer life-cycle rated components are available but rarely used, thus limiting warranties and causing needed service in the future. Retrak Door uses these longer lasting parts exclusively, enabling us to offer longer warranties and trouble free door systems.

All garage door companies are the same. Most garage door companies use technicians who are sub-contractors.This limits the company’s liability and can expose the homeowner to liability for injury and accidents.

My New garage door has a 15 year warranty against failure of the moving parts. Please ask the question – Over 98% of new doors sold offer a one year warranty on moving parts. The 15 year extended warranty applies to the paint finish. If the company does not have their own warranty program – keep looking.

Garage doors are all noisy. Noise is generally a sign of failing critical components or poor installation.

I can save time and money doing garage door repairs myself. Write this number down…911!

Garage doors are potentially extremely dangerous. The average two-car door weighs about 300 lbs and has nearly 40 moving parts. An average of 30,000 injuries per year are reported due to garage door related accidents.

Retrak Door Service specializes in garage door repair, service, sales and installation of garage doors and openers. Remember, for everything garage doors call Retrak. We are your Denver, Colorado garage door experts.