Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Common problems with your garage door opener can include:

Lack of power caused by a blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or disconnected power cord. If a fuse is blown or circuit breaker is tripped, take caution as the root cause of the problem could be an electrical short, jammed opener or jammed door.

Issue with the door opener remote or transmitter. This can be something as simple as battery replacement, a lose wire or improper programming. Refer to your door opener owner’s manual for more information.

If the opener goes up but does not close the door, the issue may be with the photoelectric safety devices located approximately one foot above the floor on each side of the door. If these devices are out of alignment, blocked or the wiring to them is broken the door will not close.

If the door opener operates, but does not close or open the door completely, the issue could be that the opener’s limit switches are out of adjustment. Refer to your door opener owner’s manual for more information or contact a professional.

Other common problems with an opener include issues with the internal parts:

  • Bad motor
  • Damaged or stripped gears
  • Broken belt or chain
  • Bad internal electronics

Even though many internal parts on a garage door opener can be repaired, it is usually easier and more economical in the end to replace it with a new garage door opener.