Dealing with Common Garage Door Problems

There are many reasons for keeping garage doors in good working condition. Garage doors that are in poor working condition or garage doors that are not secure enough often serve as an easy entry point for the burglars. Many break-in incidents could have been easily avoided by home owners if only they had paid attention to their garage door repair problems promptly.

The most important rule: Don’t ignore your garage door repair problems. Address the problems at their first sign and by doing so you will be able to save a lot of time and money on expensive garage door repairs. Garage doors have many moving parts that are subjected to daily wear and tear; you should expect regular maintenance (at least once per year). Regardless of the brand of garage door you have it will have limitations on life span. Don’t think just because you have installed the best brand garage doors, your garage doors don’t need any maintenance. That’s like never changing the oil in your car.

Just like your car; the majority of problems common to your garage door start with lubrication problems. Keeping your garage doors well lubricated means you will not run in to unnecessary garage door repair problems. Well lubricated garage doors will give you better life. Regular use of a silicone base lubricant will help. You should also call your garage door repair company for regular lubrication and annual maintenance. They will be able to identify any problems early and avoid any bigger problems.

Electric garage door openers are very common today. Do not attempt to repair them by yourself because it requires a skilled technician to assess the problem and address any issues. Many attempted DIY repairs end up aggravating the problem. So it is best to call for professional help from your local garage door repair company.

Garage doors are, physically, very heavy. The weight of the door is offset by its’ spring system. If your garage door does not remain open but continues to fall/close; it is most likely a spring problem. Garage door springs have very defined lifecycles and yours may need replacement. Do not attempt spring repairs or replacements on your own! 30,000 people a year end up in emergency rooms attempting it… Call your Retrak garage door professional immediately.

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