Don’t Be the Victim of a Preventable Crime

If you’re like me.. or many of your friends and neighbors… you have a lot of “stuff” in your garage.

Usually there’s enough that you can’t get a car inside. If this sounds familiar, please pay close attention and answer this question. Where do you keep the remote control for your garage door opener?

I can tell you that most people keep it in their car parked in front of that very full garage and that is exactly where a growing number of thieves are looking for them. A quickly broken car window and your garage door is open.

OK so not everything in the garage is super valuable – but… very few of us lock the door between the house and the garage and once in the garage thieves have free range of your home.

The solution? get a key fob style garage door remote that goes inside with your keys or get a keyless entry pad installed outside your garage door. These are simple, quick and not very expensive options available from your Retrak garage door professional that will insure you won’t be the victim of a very preventable crime.

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