Garage Door Components Most Likely to Fail

There are many moving parts in your garage door system and all are susceptible to wear and ultimate failure. However, three of these components are the most common to experience a problem.


Rollers are one of the most frequently failing components on garage doors, Most manufacturers are using bearing-less rollers which have a plastic or nylon tire on a steel shaft. These will generally show significant wear within 18 months of normal use.  Rollers with bearings are typically better; Ask about the cycle and weight ratings on the rollers your technician recommends.


Springs are the second most frequently failing component and also the most expensive. Many manufacturers and service companies use springs manufactured from a lower grade of wire. Most of these are rolled cold which increases metal fatigue potential. Additionally, with few exceptions the wire is not coated and will therefore be susceptible to rust which also increases metal fatigue. On this type of spring expect replacement in 3-5 years. However, there are commercial grade springs available. These are typically coated to resist rust and have much higher cycle ratings, meaning a much longer lifecycle. Ask your garage door service company about the cycle ratings on all springs. Additionally, many entry level door systems are manufactured using a single spring. A good two car door (greater than 10 ft wide) should have two springs. Use of a single spring will have a significantly shorter life. Ask what the expected cycle rating is on springs for the door you are interested in.


Bearings are the third most frequent component to fail. A door should have three sets situated in the middle and both ends of the door. Many doors come with only two bearing sets and one plastic bushing.

Being aware of the garage door components most likely to fail will enable you to make a more informed decision when buying, maintaining or repairing your door system.  Remember, for everything garage doors call Retrak.  We are your Denver, Colorado garage door sales, service, and repair experts.