Garage Door Panel Repair

You are not alone! Yes… other have bumped their garage door with their car…

What many garage door repair customers do not know that a damaged or broken garage door panel doesn’t always mean they need a whole new garage door!

There are many different reasons to need a new garage door panel including hitting it with your car, wind or hail damage and even multiple hits with a basketball. If you have a newer garage door and there is only damage to one or two panels, repairs can be very successful. Your Retrak door professional can generally order your replacement panels from the manufacturer in order to make sure that the whole door looks great when repairs are complete.

However, if your garage door panels have extensive damage or have warped over time, it may be time to replace your old garage door with a new one. Older garage doors (and openers) may not be as safe for your family or pets and, especially if they are damaged, may need to be replaced.

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