Garage Door Remote now Working?

We’ve all had the experience… you’re in a hurry (either coming or going) and you push that magic little button to open/close your garage door and nothing happens.

It’s frustrating, but there are a couple of quick things you can do:

  1. Make sure the power is on! Many people quickly blame the garage door opener as the cause of the problem without realizing that the power is out at their home or neighborhood. If you experience power outages often, it may be worth looking into a garage door opener that has a built-in battery backup. Certain Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Craftsman branded garage door openers have this feature.
  2. If you have another remote control, try it next. If neither one of them work, the problem may not be related to the remote control.
  3. Try the wall switch. If the garage door opener works properly when you use the wall switch in your garage, the problem is most likely with the remote. These can be reprogrammed by following the manufacturers instructions.
  4. If the wall switch also fails to open the garage door, consider calling your local service technician. The problem may be related to a defective control board in the opener, or it could be related to radio interference. Both of these problems require special tools to troubleshoot.Remember, for everything garage doors call Retrak.  We are your Denver, Colorado garage door sales, service, and repair experts.