Garage Doors and Cars Have a Lot in Common

Believe it or not, your garage door, is a lot like your. It is driven by a garage door opener and moving parts such as rollers, hinges, cables and torsion springs. All these components go through some very heavy-duty use – often opening and closing (one “cycle”) over 2000 times a year. Over time these parts begin to wear out just like the parts on your car and either they fail to work or become very noisy and affect the performance of other parts. Just like your car needs an oil change – the solution is keep your garage door maintained by doing periodical lubrication on your own and having the entire system professionally maintained at least once a year to keep it top condition and prevent expensive repairs. No matter what your need is, a repair , maintenance or even a new door or opener Retrak Door Service is here to help 24/7.