How do your Garage Door parts compare to typical replacement parts?

It’s a question we’re asked all the time… Let’s start with a simple fact – All garage door parts are NOT created equal. The typical garage door installation and/or repair uses a “Builders Grade” set of parts. Just like “Builders grade” appliances – These are designed to last a few years (if treated lightly and maintained well) and wear out…

Retrak Garage Door parts are designed for a long and trouble free life. We use “Commercial grade” parts and they are the highest quality parts available in the garage door industry today. Our Springs are rated to last 4 times longer than typical springs and our rollers are designed to last 10 times longer than the typical roller AND they carry excellent Warranties – something most provide. The final advantage? – Quality parts cost only about 10-15% more.

Why is that important to you? We want to fix your garage door once and then not see you or your garage door except for some regular maintenance. Many companies want to fix it today and again next month.

Retrak Door Service specializes in garage door repair, service, sales and installation of garage doors and openers. Remember, for everything garage doors call Retrak. We are your Denver, Colorado garage door experts.