A Good Garage Door Needs a Good Opener

Nowadays, most people think of their garage door and opener as a single item. In reality, they are two separate pieces of equipment integrated into a smooth running door system. Most garage door companies not only sell new garage doors but provide openers as well. For example, Retrak Garage Door is one of these companies- providing a complete slate of services to home owners.

Many people are careful when purchasing a garage door but fail to pay attention to the importance ...

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Prepare Your Home and Family for Power Outages

A recent study conducted by Zoomerang found that 93 percent of homeowners reported having experienced a power outage this year alone, with some outages lasting hours or even days. Every family should prepare an emergency kit for storms and power outages and keep it in a central location.

The kit should include:

  • Flashlights, extra batteries, matches and candles
  • A battery-operated weather radio
  • A fully charged cell phone battery
  • First aid supplies
  • Bottled water and nonperishable packaged or canned foods and snacks
  • Blankets, towels and pillows

Don’t Forget the ...

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How to Operate your Garage Door by Hand

Once question we hear often is: “How do I release the door from the operator so that I can open the garage door by hand?”

With the garage door fully closed, locate and pull the red release cord down toward the floor. Always take special caution whenever you release the garage door opener if the door is not in the fully closed position, since the door may want to slam closed when released.

If at all possible do not release the garage ...

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Is Your Garage Door Spring Balanced?

A properly balanced garage door spring insures a smooth operating door system and reduces stress (wear and tear) on the system.

Here’s how to test your door:

Open the door halfway by hand (release operator first) and let go of the door. The door should pretty much stay in the same position, although some slight drifting may occur. If the door wants to drop or if it opens on its own the garage door springs should be adjusted by trained and experienced ...

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A guide to the garage door and how it works

One of the most overlooked “appliances” in your home is the garage door. You press a button. It goes up. It goes down. Simple, right?

Not really. Like every other mechanical device you own – your cars, your kitchen and laundry appliances and your heating and cooling systems – your garage door and its operating system needs to be properly adjusted and regularly maintained in order to function correctly. Schedule your annual system check with your Retrak Door Service Professional

You can ...

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How Long Will Your New Garage Doors Last?

Before installing a new garage door it is worth stopping to consider likely maintenance issues and at what point repairs might become necessary.

There is more to caring for doors than just looking after the surface finish – in particular the opening mechanism will need to be maintained in good working order.
It’s easy to overlook the fact that the door panel itself, because it is the largest and most obvious part, is just one of many parts. Garage door opening ...

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Things Every Home Owner Should Know About Repairing Garage Doors

The most common garage door repair is the Garage door springs. They are designed to do virtually all of the work necessary to lift your garage door. Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs, are under very high tension and, if not handled properly, can cause serious injury.

  1. When dealing with garage door springs, you should take into account what type of door you have (sectional, tracked one-piece), and what type of springs you have. Garage ...
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Garage Door Components Most Likely to Fail

There are many moving parts in your garage door system and all are susceptible to wear and ultimate failure. However, three of these components are the most common to experience a problem.


Rollers are one of the most frequently failing components on garage doors, Most manufacturers are using bearing-less rollers which have a plastic or nylon tire on a steel shaft. These will generally show significant wear within 18 months of normal use.  Rollers with bearings are typically better; Ask about ...

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Prepare Your Home for Power Outages

A recent study found that 93 percent of homeowners reported having experienced a power outage this year alone, with some outages lasting hours or even days. Everyone knows the family should prepare an emergency kit for storms and power outages and keep it in a central location – with items like flashlights, First Aid, Water etc….

But… How many remember the Garage??

Today, more than half of homeowners (55 percent) use the garage door as their front door, relying on an automatic ...

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Routine Maintenance For Your Garage Door and Opener

Remember the old commercial about changing oil in your car regularly? They ended with “Pay me now or pay me later”. Much the same can be said for your garage door system. Monthly garage door opener maintenance keeps your unit working smoothly and efficiently for years. Follow these maintenance steps for many years of trouble free operation.

Garage Door Maintenance

  • Your opener won’t work well unless the door is properly adjusted and maintained.
  • Start with a visual inspection of all brackets, hinges, fasteners, ...
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