Garage Door Safety is Everyone’s Business

A few simple precautions can protect your family & friends from potential harm. Refer to your garage door & opener’s manual for details specific to the model you own. Then check the operation of your garage door & automatic opener.

  1. Garage Doors & Openers are NOT Toys. Do not let children play with remote controls, always place them out of the reach.
  2. Teach Your Children About Garage Door and Opener Safety. Discuss garage door safety with your children and explain the danger ...
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Warm Weather and Open Garage Doors leads to Easy to Prevent Crime

Warm Weather and Open Garage Doors leads to Easy to Prevent Crime. As the weather begins to warm into summer, windows are opened, people are outside doing yard work, and for many, their guard is down.

It’s this time of year that local police departments want residents to take precautions to keep their belongings, and themselves, safe.

Police say they typically see an increase in car break-ins, as pedestrian activity increases and cars windows are left open or doors unlocked. Crimes of ...

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How to reset your electric garage door opener

If your garage door closes briefly and then automatically opens, or if it stops closing before it meets the ground, your electric garage door opener needs to be reset. Although every garage door opener functions a little differently, for many garage door openers the following instructions will be applicable: Shut off the power at the breaker, or unplug the garage door opener. Wait 10 seconds, and turn the power back on. Press the down arrow button, and keep pressing it ...

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Tips on When to Repair Garage Door

Two things contribute to a long lasting product – quality and maintenance.

For anything mechanical to last long it has to be well maintained. This is also an indication that if something becomes damaged or broken it ought to be corrected as quickly as possible. In short repair and maintenance of items makes them last longer and also serve the owners time and money.

Additionally, this is true for garage doors. As a result of the garage doors’ frequent use, some form ...

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How to realign garage door sensors

If your electric garage door opener sensors are not working, it could be because they have been knocked out of line and need to be realigned. According to a home maintenance professionals; realigning garage door sensors only requires gently pushing sensors into a position in which they face each other. The sensors should have lights that blink when they are not aligned properly. Re-position the sensors so that their lights are solid, rather than blinking.

Retrak Door Service specializes in garage ...

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Identifying and Fixing Garage Door Spring Problems

Garage Door Springs are one of the most important components of your garage door. They need to have regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they continue to work properly and safely. If you are encountering issues with your garage door, look at your springs first. If your garage door has been squeaky (and door lubricants are not helping), or if your garage door isn’t operating smoothly, chances are your springs are in need of some attention. You may also need ...

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My garage door opener does not do anything when I push the button ?!

Yes, it’s a call we get often — What should you look for first?

The first thing that you should do is check to be sure that the opener is still plugged into the electric outlet. Sometimes it’s as simple as a loose plug. Secondly you should confirm that there is power coming out of the electric outlet. Plug a lamp or something in and see if it has power, or, you can temporarily plug the garage door opener ...

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Why won’t our garage door go down?

We hear this question/comment a lot: “Our garage door opener was working fine, but all of a sudden we have to hold the wall button down to get the door to close. How do we get the door opener to start working again?

This is often a photo eye issue. The photo- eye safety beams may be blocked, misaligned, or malfunctioning.

Start by moving any objects that may be interfering with the signal and verify that the photo-cell LED lights are illuminated ...

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Three Year Old Killed – Pinned by Garage Door

Please Please Please!!! This should never happen and yet it does time and again.

Another senseless tragedy. A life cut short because people don’t respect the dangers of an old out of date garage door system. Three things happened here that cost a life…

  1. Garage door “buttons” are to be set at a minimum of 5 feet off the ground – precisely because little kids can reach them if lower
  2. Since 1993 – garage door openers are required to have “sensor eyes” ...
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Garage Doors are a lot like people – the Top Reasons Garage Door Springs Break

Garage Doors are a lot like people. Age catches up to us all – Rust can make movement difficult and cold affects us as we get older.


In todays’ modern garage doors Torsion springs provide over 90% of the lift needed to raise a garage door so they are critical to your doors’ operation and just like my body; torsion springs simply wear out over time. The question is, how much time?

How long a garage door spring will last depends on ...

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