Common Garage Door Problems You Can Test

Garage doors are the most heavily used entries to your home or business. So much so, that they have been called “The Other Front Door”, so it’s understandable that they require repair or maintenance every once in a while. While some common issues can be fixed by yourself, others require the expertise of a Retrak garage door professional. Here are three of the most common garage door issues you’ll run into, and how to solve them.

Door will not close and ...

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Don’t Be the Victim of a Preventable Crime

If you’re like me.. or many of your friends and neighbors… you have a lot of “stuff” in your garage.

Usually there’s enough that you can’t get a car inside. If this sounds familiar, please pay close attention and answer this question. Where do you keep the remote control for your garage door opener?

I can tell you that most people keep it in their car parked in front of that very full garage and that is exactly where a growing ...

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Maintain Your Garage Door

Garage Doors are something we use often and tend to not really think about… until they stop working. Your garage door is very important and like any part of the house it should be regularly maintained as well. A properly maintained garage door will not only look good, but help you avoid accidents and mishaps that can harm your car or risk your health (and life) too! Garage overhead doors related accidents account for thousands of injuries every year (average ...

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Garage Doors Need Tune-Ups Too!

I’ve said it before – Garage Doors need tune-ups just like your car. I recommend a garage door tune-up every year. Why? Garage doors are big and have lots of moving parts that can gradually work themselves out of alignment over time. That can mean getting stuck at home some cold morning. The technician will balance the door and its lifting spring system, center it in the opening if needed, tighten all the hardware, adjust the opener and lubricate everything. ...

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It’s Back to School Time; Have You Checked Your Garage Door?

Did you know your kids are more likely to use the garage door when coming and going to school than any other door in the house? That’s right, the garage door has officially become the most used door in the house.

That also means “Back to school” is a great time to make sure your “other front door” is working properly. If you’re not sure yours is working properly – Schedule your annual Back to School Garage Door Maintenance now – ...

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What Is the Life Expectancy of My Garage Door Springs?

How long a garage door spring will last depends on how often the door is used and the cycle rating of the springs. In todays’ modern garage doors Torsion springs provide over 90% of the lift needed to raise a garage door so they are critical to your doors’ operation and broken springs are one of the most common garage door repairs needed.

Most garage doors open and close 3-5 times a day, 300+ days a year. Multiply that by by ...

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Garage Door Panel Repair

You are not alone! Yes… other have bumped their garage door with their car…

What many garage door repair customers do not know that a damaged or broken garage door panel doesn’t always mean they need a whole new garage door!

There are many different reasons to need a new garage door panel including hitting it with your car, wind or hail damage and even multiple hits with a basketball. If you have a newer garage door and there is only damage ...

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Springtime in Your Garage Is a Time of Change

The weather is getting better and you’re in and out of the garage a bit more now. So, here’s the question…. Did you happen to notice some little things you hadn’t noticed before or that (not you) you’ve been ignoring?

Notice how the garage door track is beginning to sag ever so slightly or how the door doesn’t seem to make it all the way to the ground now? Maybe you’ve had the garage door just stop half way down sometimes ...

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The Easiest Advice for Extending the Life of Your Garage Door

What is the easiest and most ignored advice for extending the life of your garage door?

Get Professional Service.

Just once year, have a professional come to perform some simple maintenance on your system. It should cost about $100 to have a garage door company inspect the system and adjust both the opener and spring system if needed. In addition to any work done on the springs and opener, this type of service will typically include a check for wear and tear, ...

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June Is Garage Door Safety Month

At Retrak Door Service safety is job #1 – We hope the following safety tips will help protect you and your family from any potential harm.

  • Do not stand or walk under a moving door!
  • Garage Doors & Openers are NOT Toys. Do not let children play with remote controls, always placing them out of the reach.
  • Teach Your Children About Garage Door and Opener Safety. Discuss garage door safety with your children and explain the danger of being trapped under the door.
  • Teach ...
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