Photoelectric Eyes are Key to Garage Door Safety

Photoelectric “eyes” or sensors are a critical part of your garage door safety system and a key to your personal safety as well. Here are two simple tests to determine if the electronic eyes are installed and functioning properly.

The non contact reversal test:

Begin with your door fully open. Standing just outside the path of the door and using the transmitter, push the button to close the door. Wave an object across the path of the photoelectric eye beam as the door is closing. The door MUST reverse and return to the fully open position to pass this test.

Proper Location test:

Checking for proper location of the photoelectric eyes is perhaps the simplest test. If present, photoelectric “eyes” must be mounted at a maximum of 6 inches above the floor to detect an obstruction in the path of the door. Using a tape measure, confirm the device is no higher than 6 inches above the floor or make adjustments if needed. Additionally, the wall mounted control should be positioned at a minimum height of 5 feet.

A properly maintained garage will not only provide you with years of service, but will also ensure your safety. Schedule your annual maintenance with a professional garage door technician.