Selecting a New Garage Door Opener

Today’s garage door openers are not inexpensive. Many cost upwards of $400 and have some fairly sophisticated electronics included. So, a garage door opener is not a product you want to buy without doing some research.

There is great variety in openers and there are a few important details you will want to pay attention to before purchasing and having one installed. Most openers will work with any variety of doors, but it is still important to do your research. While you may not want to look into various models, remember that whatever choice you make you will have to live with for years. It is better to not be saddled with a product you are not happy with. Here are three tips to look at when purchasing a new door opener.

Chain vs. Plastic vs. Belt

Different garage doors can operate with may different openers. As with anything installed in your home, the choice is yours regardless of the type of door you have. Just a few things to look at here. A chain drive opener can be incredibly noisy because it includes a metal chain that is pulled along a metal track. Most new models have plastic tracks, which decrease the noise quite a bit. The ultimate in quiet is the belt drive. With a belt drive, a large rubber belt replaces the old chain making it quite and smooth. Vibrations are dampened by the rubber belt too.

Learn about the motors

Motors are really important on a garage door opener. They guide your door up and down and you want them to last a long time. In general, DC (Direct Current) motors are more cost effective because they use less electricity. DC motors also allow for more speed control than AC motors.

Put Safety First

Modern garage door technology includes electronic sensors. These will stop and reverse your garage door opener if an object is sensed below the door. This makes it less likely a pet, child or car will become trapped under the door. Garage doors can weigh quite a bit and can cause damage and/or injury if they fall. Please note that these sensors are a required safety feature on new garage doors.

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