Should I change both garage door springs, or just the one spring that is broken?

Most double car garage doors have two springs across the top of the door and often only one will be broken. It’s a question we get all the time.. “Should I change both springs, or just the one spring that is broken?”

We highly recommend that you change both springs at the same time. since both springs have been under the same amount of stress each time the door has been opened and closed. Torsion springs have definite lifespans and if one has broken there’s a good chance the other is just as fatigued. Yes, it’s makes your garage door repair more expensive today… but in many cases it will cost less to have both springs changed at the same time than changing one spring today and the other next week or next month. In addition, if you have extension springs on your door, the door may not balance properly with one new spring and one fatigued spring.

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