Steel Garage Doors

With energy costs continuing to rise, more and more homeowners are opting for garage doors that are manufactured out of steel. Depending on the specific type of door that you choose, many of them do provide a great deal of insulation. Steel garage doors are available with the single, double or triple layer construction method. These particular doors are stronger and longer lasting than almost any of the other materials; warping or denting is usually not a problem with them. They may require painting once in a while, but not as often as wood doors do.

Many look only at price when selecting a door, which leads them to a single layer door. Unfortunately, the single layer garage door does not have a layer of insulation included in it. This door is composed of a single sheet of galvanized steel. Needless to say, metal can be very cold and also very hot. Even though they are the least expensive of all of the models, think twice before selecting this kind; unless you garage is not connected to your home.

The double layer style has two layers – One layer of galvanized steel and the other layer is polyurethane. This material both insulates and limits outside traffic noise. Finally, there is also the three layer door. This is really a duplicate of the double layer except it has a second sheet of galvanized steel over the insulation. Consequently, the three layer door is a much better insulator and is able to provide a greater degree of security. However, it is also more expensive.

The choice is up the individual homeowner. Everyone, without saying, would prefer the best that is available. Consider your individual situation, and budget then carefully consider the future energy savings that are possible before making your final decision.