The Crown Jewel of Curb Appeal

All garage doors open and close. Yours should do more than that. In addition to protection and insulation, it should add style and beauty to your home.

A garage door provides you with much more than just functionality. It is often one of the most prominent street-facing sections of a home, and gives homeowners the change to enhance their curb appeal with a few simple style choices. In many homes the Garage Doors represent 30% or more of what people see from the street and how it looks spells “curb appeal”.

As a Homeowner you have a lot more choices these days when it comes to garage doors. They are now automated, designed to exacting industry standards, and come in a range of styles, strength and durability options. The internal structure of most garage doors is made from steel panels, and their exteriors from polyurethane and wooden finishes. Some are solid wood or composite.

These exterior finishes are essential to the overall appearance of your home. Garage doors come in a variety of materials and colors, from country to contemporary, and should blend with a home’s overall style. Windows and tiles can add elegance to a garage door, while crossbeams and oak or pine slats can give it a homey, country look. Leaving exterior woods can make a garage door rustic, and choosing classic white with a simple pattern can give a door a minimalist, clean style. Start by thinking about your homes’ architectural style.

Most garage doors use automatic openers, too, adding convenience to function. Most come with remote controls, making driving home a pleasure instead of a hassle. In fact, garage doors are now the most commonly used entrance into the typical home, surpassing even your front door.

As you search for the right garage door for your home, remember that style matters, and have fun choosing from the many door designs available today. One way to test ideas is through garage door design software.