Things You Should Not Try to Fix on Your Garage Door

Unless you’re a trained garage door service technician, please do NOT attempt to fix any of the following problems. Being able to identify the problem however may end up saving you money by being able to communicate the problem in advance to a service technician.

Broken Spring

Most springs now contain safety measures in the event one of them breaks. Because of this, it may not be easy to identify the problem. If you notice a broken spring, it’s always best to have it replaced by a qualified technician. The springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure and can seriously injure anyone not familiar with the replacement process.

The Door Isn’t Properly Balanced

First, disconnect the door from the garage door opener (This is typically a red handle on a rope that hangs down from the opener). The door may start to move up at this point, so it is a good idea to stay clear of the door until you see how the door reacts. Then partially open the door by hand. A properly balanced door should be relatively easy to open, and should stay in place when released. If you find it extremely difficult to open the door, or it falls when released, you should call a service technician to have it properly balanced.

Roller Off Track

Depending on condition of the door track, this may require that entire sections of the door be removed. Not only is this dangerous for someone who isn’t properly trained, but an untrained person may also do irreversible damage to the door trying to attempt this.

In trying economic times, people often attempt to fix things that they would have otherwise paid someone to fix. If garage doors are maintained properly, they should provide home owners with years of trouble-free operation. Although it’s tempting to fix problems yourself when they arise, consider calling a qualified garage door service company, you’ll be glad you spent the money in the long run.

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