Three Year Old Killed – Pinned by Garage Door

Please Please Please!!! This should never happen and yet it does time and again.

Another senseless tragedy. A life cut short because people don’t respect the dangers of an old out of date garage door system. Three things happened here that cost a life…

  1. Garage door “buttons” are to be set at a minimum of 5 feet off the ground – precisely because little kids can reach them if lower
  2. Since 1993 – garage door openers are required to have “sensor eyes” placed ~ 6 inches above the ground. These are there to detect objects like tools, pets and kids that are in the way of the garage door and reverse the door. Far too many people don’t have them, don’t have them checked and/or remove them. They are there to save lives!!
  3. The child involved played the dangerous game of “Race the Door”.. pushing the button and then running out of the garage. We’ve all done it before – and probably never thought about how dangerous it was.

If your garage door opener doesn’t have safety eyes. Call a garage door professional now!!! Your family deserves it. Please have your garage door inspected and make sure it is working properly and safely. Not sure what to do… please call! It’s what we do!!

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