Two Questions We Get a Lot

My door does not open or close far enough. What should I do?
You many need to adjust the “travel settings” on your openers. Your opener will have a “travel” adjustment that controls the distance that the garage door opener moves the door. Separate adjustments can be made to the opening travel distance and the closing travel distance. Refer to your owner’s manual, or contact us for a professional tune-up and adjustment.

My door opens very slowly. How can I adjust the opener?
Your opener has a “force adjustment” that controls the power used to open and close the door. New garage door openers are preset at the factory to the lowest possible force. If your door is properly balanced, the force required should be minimal. The greater the force setting, the harder the opener will push or pull the door. Never adjust to a higher force if your door is unbalanced or sticking and always test the safety reverse system after adjusting the opener. If the door is hard to lift, the door must be serviced and adjusted by a professional authorized dealer as there may be a more serious problem.

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