View Your Home from a Buyer’s Perspective with these Top 10 Remodeling Projects

Your home’s curb appeal is often based on the street-view appearance and it is a buyer’s first in-person impression, particularly if they spotted your home on the Internet first. Although photographs can give a buyer an idea of the features the home offers, driving by the property provides an opportunity to see how the pieces work together with the surrounding neighborhood.

Many homebuyers drive by a home or schedule a walk-through after viewing it on the Web. Since many will do so in the evening after work, consider installing lights along your driveway and walkway or adding a decorative light fixture to the front of the home.

75% of homebuyers drove by the home, and 63% walked through the homes, after viewing it on the Web.

Here are the top 10 Remodeling Projects That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

  1. A new front door
  2. A new garage door
  3. Fiber-cement siding
  4. A wood deck
  5. A minor kitchen remodel
  6. Window replacement
  7. Remodeling the attic to add a bedroom
  8. A basement remodel
  9. A major kitchen remodel
  10. A second-story addition

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