Warm Weather and Open Garage Doors leads to Easy to Prevent Crime

Warm Weather and Open Garage Doors leads to Easy to Prevent Crime. As the weather begins to warm into summer, windows are opened, people are outside doing yard work, and for many, their guard is down.

It’s this time of year that local police departments want residents to take precautions to keep their belongings, and themselves, safe.

Police say they typically see an increase in car break-ins, as pedestrian activity increases and cars windows are left open or doors unlocked. Crimes of this type are easy to prevent, if belongings are removed from the car. Remember too, that for many, the garage door opener is left in their vehicle – an open invitation (and key) to your home.

Likewsie, yard work brings homeowners to the back, to cut the grass, with the garage in the front of the house exposed to theft if the door is left open. People have a tendency to work in their back yards with their garage doors open and this makes them more vulnerable to daytime burglaries.
Just remember to shut the garage doors while working in the back yard – It can be inconvenient, but better safe than sorry.

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