We get this question a lot!

We talk with lots and lots of homeowners about their garage doors and any needed repairs, and we get this question a lot… How do your replacement parts compare to typical replacement parts??

Let’s start with quality. Retrak Garage Door parts are designed for a long trouble free life, they are commercial grade and the highest quality parts available in the garage door industry today.

What about longevity? Our Springs are rated to last 4 times longer than typical springs and our rollers are designed to last 10 times longer than the typical roller.

What about Cost? Yes quality parts do cost a little more…maybe 10% more, but when compared with the typical…we call it great value.

Retrak Door Service specializes in garage door repair, service, sales and installation of garage doors and openers. Remember, for everything garage doors call Retrak. We are your Denver, Colorado garage door experts.