What Is the Most Complicated Part of Your Garage Door?

The most complicated part of a garage door is the opener and its hardware. That includes the opener (motor), the springs, the tracks and brackets. All these parts combine to make your garage door work smoothly over and over and over again.

One of the most important parts are the actual springs themselves. These powerful springs are under very high tension and that’s what gives them the strength to lift the weight of the door. If you look at your garage door, you’ll most often see a spring running across the top above the door.
The springs mounted to the header, just above the top of the door are called Torsion springs. Torsion springs are a wound spring, which means it winds up into a coil, and they can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Torsion springs wind up as the door closes, creating a great deal tension. Working on this type of spring is for professionals only. This is not a DIY project.

The remaining hardware of your opening system includes bottom brackets, cable drums, the door tracks with their hangers, plus various hingles plates and rollers. All this hardware is designed to work together to create the smooth operation of your garage door. So make sure you keep it maintained. Just like your car, this system needs at least annual maintenance to insure it works smoothly and lasts longer.

The “opener” is a motor that guides the door up and down. These typically will be one of three types – chain drive, screw drive or belt drive. The most popular today is the belt drive. While these are more expensive, it’s smooth and quiet operation is a big benefit. The most affordable option is the chain drive system, while the screw drive is powerful but slow-moving. When you schedule your annual garage door maintenance, make sure to have the opener serviced as well.