Why Does My Garage Door Reverse or Open Back up Instead of Closing?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions garage door companies get – and, in most cases does not require a service technician to troubleshoot or repair.

When a garage door reverses it is, most likely, the result of your safety eyes being out of alignment, or something may be blocking the path of the garage door. The safety sensors need a clear line of sight between each other in order for the opener to close completely. These small units are usually black, and attached at the base of the tracks on either side of your door opening. Each should have a small LED light that remains lit when both sensors are properly aligned. If bumped out of place, one or both lights will be blinking. The sensors can easily be adjusted by hand so that they are pointing at each other again. It’s also fairly common for the lenses on the safety eyes to become obscured by dirt or other debris, as well. Just make sure the “eyes” can see each other for smooth operations.

If this simple adjustment does not solve the problem… contact Retrak.

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