Why won’t our garage door go down?

We hear this question/comment a lot: “Our garage door opener was working fine, but all of a sudden we have to hold the wall button down to get the door to close. How do we get the door opener to start working again?

This is often a photo eye issue. The photo- eye safety beams may be blocked, misaligned, or malfunctioning.

Start by moving any objects that may be interfering with the signal and verify that the photo-cell LED lights are illuminated as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If one or both lights are on but blinking, try realigning them till the blinking stops. Note: photo-cells can not be permanently removed from garage door openers that were built after 1973. If the infrared beams are not blocked and the photo-cells are aligned, it’s time to call a pro. Contact your local garage door opener repairman to diagnose and repair the problem.

You will not be able to close the door with the remote control transmitter until the photo-cells are in proper working order.

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