Your Other Front Door

It’s that time of year – kids are heading back to school and that means new clothes, backpacks, shoes, early mornings and kids coming home from school…

Here’s the question: Did you know your kids are more likely to use the garage door when coming and going to school than any other door in the house? That’s right, the garage door has officially become the most used door in the house – meaning “Back to school” is a great time to make sure your “other front door” is working properly.

Like your furnace, and smoke detectors – garage doors require some attention – at least on an annual basis. If you’re not sure your door system is working properly take the time to schedule your annual Garage Door Maintenance now. It just may prevent your student from being “locked-out”.

PS. While you’re at it, you might consider adding an extra remote or keypad to make it even easier for your student to use the “other front door” when they come home.